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Favorable Price

We have vareity of products for our target Markets to choose, therefore, the cost of each products will varies from its quantity, materials and design etc. For large one-time purchase order, our company can offer certain negotiable discount. For further details , do Contact Us for more information.
Design Services

For our target clients with a clear demands, our company will offers catergories for choose, on the contrary, according to different situation, our company will offer plans, quatation in details, information including customers as well as self designed plans, material requirements and local environment conditions etc.

The company can install:
1. Wall Mural
2. Wall paper
3. Gypsum

We offer different tyeps of paints, such as
1. Decorative paints of exterior and interiors
2. Specialized paints for differnt atmosphere and for a different substrate (anti algae, anti molds etc.)
3. Special paints for bridges

After installing the products, the company offer for maintenance for
1. Building paints
2. Carpentry
3. Electrical
4. Masonry
5. Other Maintenance services

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