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a-b paint lavabile
washable algae-mould resistant mural paint for int/exteriors
idrosmalto lucido
Ideal for hospitals, schools, canteens, shops & premises open to the public
ard fill
anti-algae filling finish for exterior
ard ship
glossy varnish for boats
ardelast grana fine
Anti algea elastic paints for cracked walls
ardelast intonachino
1 - 1,2 mm
algae resistant elastomeric coating filler for cracks
ardelast quarzo
anti algae quartz elastomeric paint for cracks
beton decor coprente
Anti-carbonation waterproofer for exterior concrete (Bridge)
beton decor elastomerico
anti-carbonation algae resistant protective filler for concrete (Bridge)
beton decor rasante
Smoothing universal fiber-reinforced cement for concrete (Bridge)
bio silrest
Silicate based mineral paint for interiors (wash resistance)
rapid filler for interior plasters & old orange peel coatings.
Thermo-insulating anti-condensation sound-deadening paint
no smog plus
Special mould, smoke resistant paint
Anticorrosive micaceous enamel
siliard fill
algae resistant filling exterior paint, low water absorption
siliard intonachino
Algae resistant plaster for thickcoat
siliard paint
siloxanic algae resistant exterior paint
tema antiruggine
water-dilutable rust-inhibiting paint (anti corrosive)
tema finitura brillante per legno
water based transparent protective wood varnish for wood interiors/exteriors
tema finitura cerata per legno
water based protective hydrophobic velvet like product for wood interiors/exteriors
tema impregnante per legno
water based protective impregnating agent for wood interiors/exteriors
tema luce
odourless water-dilutable glossy enamel
tema seta
satiny odourless water-dilutable enamel
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