Welcome to Colour Gallerya

Since 1980s paintings were among the services provided by Bin Abdul Kareem Services. Because of the high demand for painting projects, Colour Gallerya was founded by the management to cater and to focus on both interior and exterior decorating projects.

Colour Gallerya was established in 2014 to continuously provide the service of executing the best quality of work for supply and application services for both interior and exterior, The company’s showroom at Salwa Road was established the same year, shows the latest collections of Decorative Paint, Pure Earth Paint & Plaster, Wall Covering, Murals, and other services offered by the company.

We select brand partners that are also committed in providing sustainable and environmentally friendly products that we can supply in our specialized projects for Residential, Commercial, and Government. And with the expertise and skills of our people and our company enable us to handle all type of interior and exterior decoration, painting work, wall covering, wall murals, flooring and other related project